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Dark Utopia #7
Mona Lisa: All Saints' Evil
Faust Communion 4
Faust 14
Faust ACT 15
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Available Titles and Lists:

Broken Halo -- Comics and Art from the ongoing series.
Gunfighters in Hell -- Bullets, Blood, and the Fires of Hell. All the books in the ongoing series.
Dark Utopia -- Pure art series featuring the works of TIM VIGIL.
Gothic Nights -- Tim Vigil's most masterful work to date.
Comic Master List -- All of our available comics in one big list!
Faust : Love of the Damned -- Tim Vigil and David Quinn's Seminal Series.
Broken Halo Model Search Book Broken Halo Model Search Submission Book
With gorgeous full color pinups by Tim Vigil and photos of models in character from the Broken Halo series, this is a book you don't want to miss!