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Gothic Nights

Gothic Nights Tim Vigil's most masterful work to date.

Gothic Nights

A Tale of Scarlet Passion

Every artist has a work that he is most proud of, that if he were to die today, he'd want to be remembered for... This is Tim's.

Available Products:
Gothic Nights #1
FIRST PRINTING of Tim Vigil's most detailed work yet. RARE.
$ 14.95
Gothic Nights #2
FIRST PRINTING of the concluding issue in Tim Vigil's masterwork.
$ 59.95
Gothic Nights Trade
The Collected Edition of the GOTHIC NIGHTS series. Includes both issues #1 and #2.
$ 80.00
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Gothic Nights Masterpiece Print Gothic Nights Masterpiece Print
A magnificent 20x26 print of Tim's most impressive linework piece. Get it now, for the first time, in all its glory!
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