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Gothic Nights Masterpiece
Gothic Nights Masterpiece Edition.

This awe inspiring piece must be seen in its full 20x26 glory to be truly appreciated.

And here, for the first time, you can.

Every detail has an emotion that bleeds off the page- from the sorrowful and rage filled expressions on each wolf's visage to the twisted foliage and angy sky. Even the bricks and stones that mark the walls of the castle set a mood unseen in most of today's illustration.

This work of art was a true labor of love, taking Tim 3 weeks to complete. Every arc of the pencil and swing of the ink-brush laid stone and flesh to the artist's canvas. If ever a work earned the name "Masterpiece", this is it.

Tim Vigil's Gothic Nights Masterpiece.

20" x 26"

A Special Issue released by Broken Halos.

*Website address NOT on actual print*

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